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I typically go by Mew, Riven or Beth and I've been infesting the cyber space with weird animal drawings since 2010.

It's probably quite obvious by now, but this website was not built with mobile devices in mind and is best viewed from desktop. I recommend using Firefox, since that's what I used while writing the code.

Site is Under Construction and Contains Several Dead Links

To do list:

Update character profiles and artwork (Bladez and Rusty still need pages)
Finish my Starscream shrine
Will likely delete the dragon shrines
Give the PMD shrine a make-over
Create shrines for Goku, Law of Talos/Castle of Nations, and Invader Zim


Amp (character), Smudge (character), and Thorn (character) updated - 11/09/2023

Amp (character) updated and Blog updated - 07/09/2023

Icarus (character) updated, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Shrine rebuilt, and Blog reorderd and updated - 02/09/2023

a Clicker Pets page has been added - 26/08/2023

layout updated - 24/08/2023

Icarus (character) and Blog updated - 22/08/2023

Webmaster page, Top Bar, and Blog updated - 13/08/2023