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What the sweet fresh tasty hell is this?!

This is my shrinw for the one and only BENREY CALZONE FUNNY from the webseries Half Life VR but the AI is Self Aware (affectionately nickednamed Halflife Funny).

The page is full of misspelligna and possible misinfo because it's what brenry would want. tbh I'm pretty suire the correct spelling of the name is Benry, but I like Benrey better.

I like benrey because he's silly and scary and possibly the uglieast tumblr sexyman we've ever had. This is coming from someone who was there when King Candy happened.

He watches me sleep :)
Thirstday, March 2, 2023
Benby Shrien
frenrey fortnite

hey. i KNEW this was gonna happen. i’m TELLING you- look, i’m... i like everything, i’m a great cool. i feel a good, but you make me angry! rememb-! you remember..? the first time we met... you wa- you walk in- i’m on my shift, and you come in, and you got a dick slip in your... in your HEV suit. and i tried- i tried to stop you... i tried to tell you! i was stopping you, i was going “hey. yo dick out”, but you didn’t- i was tryna be nice, and then, you were talkin’ to my friend, j- jefferemm, and you’re telling him like, “awwww i don’t have my passport BLEUH MNEEUGH” but, and... he was so upset, he has anger issues, i was gonna protect you from him, we were- i was gonna be NICE to you. remember that??? no! that’s just my job! i- i mean, if there’s a dick- if, y’know, someone’s dick out on the job, i gotta stop ‘em. but like... you don’t remember? no, no! like... the first time we met. what test? LISTEN, i had a whole thing planned at the end of my shift, me and my friend... gonna go home, we were so close to clocking out, and then you show up, dick out, ruining shit.. and we’re- we were gonna go... home, and play... ohigot playstation THREE, we’ve both got playstation plus, one month... and... i got Heavenly Sword... new game out. Heavenly Sword... is NOT a rip-off of God of War. hap- happu- uhhh- Heavenly Sword was going to be the new Halo for Sony. and it was gonna be GREAT. there was gonna... Heavenly Sword was gonna have DLC where you could have 60 people in one server! throwing fraaags... n’ shit. and you RUINED that! and now i have to... go ask everyone at my job, it’s embarassing to ask for a free month of playstation plus cuz i couldn’t go home and play with my friend. YOU KNOW HOW S- how sucks that is for me??? bro!? it’s REALLY annoying! and then i have to go home, and i- i load up Youtube Yownloader to look up Heavenly Sword videos cuz i can’t DO IT because you RUINED it cuz i couldn’t go to the GameStop and get it from my friend Josh who’s the cashier. YOU WALKED IN WITH YOUR DICK OUT and ruined the whole night! My friends are here. These are the people I met online on when I had Playstation Plus. SONY CEO JACK TRETTON SURVIVED a nuclear- a nuclear bomb! SONY CEO JACK TRETTON HIRED... a Nintendo CEO Reggie and they built a big... BOMB that was gonna go off... but I saved the WORLD! so i didn’t- i didn’t have a big plan! i was ‘sposed to be nice, but you forced me to be BAAAAD so i gonna be baaad. friend. the- the- the- the big plot is slowly unraveling before our eyes, look at this. BBB. BBBB. WELCOME. AAHGHK AHH BBB BBBFBMBF BBB