Fanwork Spotlight

Here I want to give a spotlight to some of the PMD fan-content I love.

PMD was the first fandom I can say I interacted with and I've read a lot of it over the years. Sadly with the death of Smackjeeves, a lot of it is lost to time.


⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Victory Fire
Game: Original Story
Team: Audino and Gengar (Rescue Team Gengar specifically)

This comic takes place in the same universe as the canon games, except it's combined with the main-series too and is drawn entirely in mspaint.

VF is actually quite famous in the PMD community, enough that the original author is referenced in the PMD Randomizer software. This is for good reason as the characters and artwork are hard not to love. It also breathes new life into PMD1's Gengar in a way that doesn't feel forced. Gengar fans will love it!

Sadly SulfurBunny (the aforementioned original author) has completely disappeared from the internet with seemingly no trace. As a result th comic has been left unfinished.

As much as I love VF though, I have to admit I knd of hate the decision to have PMD and Mainseries coincide. Even if it uses this to go into the relationships between humans and pokemon more thoroughly, it just really muddies the entire premise of PMD.

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: The Rogue Team
Game: None, Original Story, I think?
Team: Fennekin and Treecko

Early days yet, but I'm interested to see where it goes. The creator has a very distinct artstyle and has been an active part of the fandom for a long time.

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Rangers
Game: None, Original Story
Team: Froakie and Scorbunny

Absolutely beautiful artwork and gives off a very authentic pokemon feel. A (so far) light-hearted must-read!S

⊳ PMD: The Human Connection
Game: None, Original Story
Team: Tepig and Riolu

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Legend Seekers
Game: Exlorers Sequel
Team: Pikachu and Chikorita

This comic has only just started, but it's incredibly nice to look at and I love the characters already. This is set 2 years after the events of Explorers and follows a new duo. The hero and partner of Explorers are referenced as inspirations to the main character.

⊳ will happen / happening / happened
Game: Exlorers
Team: Eevee and Cyndaquil

This is a heartfelt, short one-off comic. I love it so much!


⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Seekers of Soul
Game: None, Original Story
Warnings: Child Death Mentioned, PTSD
Team: Riolu and Charmander

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Death
Content: Creepypasta
Game: Explorers
Warnings: Violence, Stylized Gore
Team: it's complicated...


⊳ Escapism - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Animatic
Game: Explorers
Team: Mudkip and Charmander

⊳ boggle [PMD animation]
Game: None, Original Story
Team: Umbreon and Jolteon

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Mother
Game: None, Seekers of Soul (listed under Fanfiction)
Team: Riolu and Charmander

⊳ Grapes [PMD animation]
Game: Partially based on an Explorers ROM-Hack, Original Story
Team: Shinx and Charmander

⊳ Eighth Wonder - PSMD Nuzleaf PMV
Game: Super
Team: Froakie and Turtwig, but focuses on Nuzleaf


⊳ THEORY: The Player Character is DARKRAI (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon)
Content: My Favourite Fan-Theory
Game: Explorers

⊳ POKÉMON MYSTERY DUNGEON SONG ▶ "To The Dungeons" (feat. NateWantsToBattle) | CG5
Content: Fansong with lyrics and Artwork
Game: Rescue Team
Team: Treecko and Psyduck

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX Song | Story to Save
Content: Fansong with lyrics
Game: Rescue Team
Team: Pikachu and Charmander

⊳ Pokemon Mystery Dungeon~♪ Carry On, for Us (Fan-made Original Song)
Content: Fansong without lyrics and Artwork
Game: Explorers
Team: Torchic and Piplup