Planet Starlynx


Starllynx are a sapient species of magical furry creatures who spend their days routinely violating the laws of nature, space, and mortality.

Meanwhile the planet itself is still healing from a devastating catastrophe that occurred ████ years into the past. Side-effects of this include several entire continents ceasing to exist, frequently contaminated water sources, mutating starllynx and wildlife, and many pitfalls that lead to the world’s hellish centre.

The starllynx’s world was once a mystical, idyllic paradise, and in many ways it still can be, but the disaster ████ years ago has irreversibly changed the lives of its inhabitants.

t’s also important to mention that some starllynx are old enough to remember the time before. They really do know how to break the laws of death.

Basic Physiology

The basis of starllynx anatomy is typically a humanoid bi-pedal form with a small orb or halo hovering above their head.

Life Cycle

The major stages of a starllynx's life are:

- Egg
- Larva
- Child
- Adult
- Angel/Demon (if they're lucky)

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