Starscream is not the best, the strongest, the most "likeable" or the most complex character in the transformers franchise, but by GOD he is the most entertaining.

I wholeheartedly believe that any piece of media could be improved by simply adding this wretched creature. Everything he does is kind of hysterical. I love him so much!

That being said, I'm also attached on a more sympathetic level. This bit's a little more embarrassing to me but i'm trying to be more ernest with my interests, so I wanted to mention it.

I do not collect transformers toys, but I do have two tiny starscreams. One is a Christmas gift from my partner and the other I found in a secondhand store.

My Fan Continuity!!

I have my own Transformers continuity that I like to play around with in my head. This version of the story means a lot to me, even if it isn't the most in-depth outside of my personal favourite characters.

Of course this means Starscream has a lot going on. Though it's not like he's a particularly minor character in most official material anyway.

There are two main storylines in this AU. The Earth Saga (aka the part of the war that takes place on earth, similar to most cartoons) and Post-War, which follows the surviving cybertronians as they try to settle back into a peaceful life on Cybertron.

The look and feel is very cartoonish and takes heavy visual inspiration from shows like Transformers Animated and Panty and Stockings.

Not having to sell toys means I can do whatever I want!

Transformers Media I have consumed:

  • Animated - complete
  • Prime - complete
  • MTMTE + Lost Light (IDW1) - almost complete
  • RID (IDW1) - complete
  • IDW2 - started
  • Armada - started
  • Bumblebee Movie
  • Bayverse - incomplete (thank god)
  • Beast Wars - started
  • Beast Wars II - started
  • Generation One - started


  • He has died more than any other character across continuities.
  • I love him.

  • Headcanons:

  • She's genderfluid
  • He and Sky/Jetfire were conjunx before the war
  • Skywarp and Thundercracker are his siblings