Character Profile

This article is about a character still undergoing development. Details may change at any time.

Name King
Age Adult
Birthday TBD
Physical Description
Species Psyhound
Pronouns He/Him
Eye color Red, one eye is bloodshot
Blood Color Green
Personal Information
Allies None
Enemies Many...
Occupation Unemployed
Debut Unreleased
Voice Claim TBA


King is an alien on the run from the law! He's currently using Earth to lie low, subsequently making the planet a new hotspot for intergalactic cops and bounty hunters.



A purple Psyhound with two small, cone-shaped horns and brown hair. His irises are both red and one eye is permanently bloodshot.

He's somewhart short and has an average build.


He has a huge ego and believes himself above any concequences to his actions. He's animated and goofy and loves the sound of his own voice!


you have no idea who you're fucking with

Like all Psyhounds, King has psychic abilities. He uses a bio-engineered organ in his brain to move objects and start fire. He can also read other people's emotions (oh god, he's an empath).


  • He damaged his eye and cracked his horn by straining his psychic powers too much.
  • He doesn't miss his home planet.
  • Psyhounds are a bio-engineered species manufactured by another species entirely.


  • Settle down, the comic hasn't even started yet!
  • It'll be a while before I can update this section, sorry.


    spinning cd gif

    King does not have a playlist yet!!